Tuesday, February 5, 2008

As Below, So Above?

Minutes after the West Virginia Republican State Convention voted on the second ballot to give Mike Huckabee all 18 of its delegates, the Mitt Romney campaign sent out a press release accusing John McCain of "a dirty back-room deal" by throwing his support to Huckabee. Y'see, Romney was leading on the first ballot, 41-37 with McCain at 16. The second (and final) vote was Huckabee 52, Romney 47, and McCain 1.

If there are any Libertarian Party members still reading this... doesn't this sound a lot like some of the Aaron Russo supporters when Gary Nolan threw his support to Mike Badnarik in 2004's LP vote?

(And incidentally, for full disclosure, I was rooting for Nolan in 2004.)

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