Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Texas GOP Releases Platform- Are You a Republican?

At long last, the 2010 platform for the Texas Republican Party is available for the lay person to read.

As you'd expect, it's equal parts feudalism, fascism, and theocracy.

To give you a notion of how things came about this way: the Texas Republican Party has actually managed to be to the right of the Constitution Party (an openly theocratic smash-the-state third party) since 2006, if not earlier. In 2010 a strong minority faction of libertarian Republicans, led in spirit by Ron Paul and failed gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina, threatened to overthrow the ruling Rick Perry-controlled party leadership. To help prevent this, the 2010 platform was rammed through the state convention as a unit, with absolutely no amendments or votes on specific issues allowed.

In short: if you're hoping for reform within the Republican Party, forget it. Not going to happen.

Still, I've been waiting for an actual copy of the 2010 platform for a couple weeks now, ever since several left-wing blogs (especially Huffington Post) mentioned a lot of what's in the platform. ("I am shocked, SHOCKED, to discover anti-homosexual bigotry and Christian supremacy in this political party!")

In the past year, I've bumped into several friends and acquaintances here in Texas who, despite being anti-torture, anti-war, pro-choice, pro-pot, pro-sexual-equality, pro-gay-marriage, etc. identify as Republicans- and loyal Republicans at that. With them in mind, I've assembled a quiz, using ONLY the Texas Republican Party platform for source material, to demonstrate to them that perhaps they're not the sort of person the Republican Party currently represents.

And, after way too much time working on it, here it is- go try it out now, lest OKCupid take it down for being too politically biased:


(If the poll gets taken down, I've saved the questions and can post them here later.)

So- how'd you do?

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