Monday, May 24, 2010

The Lies of Barack Obama

... that is, the ones not made up out of thin air by the Republicans.

Barack Obama said he'd stop torture and hold those responsible accountable. Instead, he's fighting in the courts to continue indefinite imprisonment and protect Bush's military commissions,* while torture continues under his watch at Bagram in Afghanistan. He's also blocked any possible investigation, never mind trial, of those who committed torture or who authorized it, even while our allies are moving forward with their own trials in the face of American hostility.

Barack Obama said he'd pull us out of Iraq by 2010. In fact, even by the end of 2011 there is supposed to be a permanent 50,000 troop presence for purposes of "training."

Barack Obama said he'd put a stop to funding wars through off-budget supplemental bills. He lied about that one, too.

And, most recently, he promised a moratorium on the issuing of new permits to drill deep-ocean oil wells... and then kept right on issuing those permits, with not even so much as a slow-down.

Guantanamo is still open.

The PATRIOT Act and the Military Commissions Act are still law, and there is no bill even filed, much less likely to pass Congress, to repeal them.

And the Obama White House worked hard to water down both health care reform (making it into little more than a taxpayer hand-out to insurance corporations) and financial reform (so that no company Too Big to Fail would suffer).

I honestly cannot see any reason to support- or even TRUST- this man anymore.

* Take note: he nominated the lawyer who argued in favor of permanent imprisonment without due process of law to the Supreme Court.

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