Thursday, June 19, 2008

Democrats Cave to Evil... Again.

The Wall Street Journal reports a FISA compromise has been reached...

... giving Bush the unlimited immunity for telcoms he's demanded all along.

And making his warrantless wiretap powers permanent.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: the Republicans are the Party of Evil, and the Democrats are the Party of Caving In to Evil, or Complicity in Evil if you prefer.

This is the main drawback of the "two party, big tent" system: you get people supposedly in the same political party, as with the Democrats (liberals vs. "blue dog"), who believe in radically different things ("blue dog" Dems are essentially Republicans under a different label). People who vote for that party expecting one thing (opposition to an imperial president, an end to war) get another thing entirely.

I'd like to see the two big parties permanently split- the GOP into big-business, evangelist/theocratic, and Goldwater-ites, the Dems into liberal, moderate, and blue-dog- but I know it's not going to happen... because, above all else, both big parties worship the same thing- raw, unrestrained power.


Richard Braakman said...

A winner-take-all system will naturally converge on two parties. There's not much either side can do about that. (And that's the good case. The other stable state is a single party.)

As for the Democrats in Congress, they showed what they were made of in 2006 when they were elected on their promise to pull out of Iraq, and then they authorized the "surge" instead.

Puma Passant said...

I am reminded of the "merger" between the Progressive Conservative party and the Reform party. The PCP (heh) were called "Red Tories", because they were much more liberal than the Reform Party, which was essentially the Republican Party of Canada. The merger almost didn't happen; a couple rather influential PC politicians only agreed to support it when they were promised that they would continue to have some say in the party line.
Once the merger was complete, the Blue Tories proceeded to completely ignore everything they promised the Reds, and the monster that is the modern Conservative Party of Canada was born.