Thursday, March 6, 2008

Andrew Sullivan Gets It Right.

Not one, but two essays today on Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog that I consider must reading...

Bill and Hillary Clinton are NOT vetted, he says first... they've just been more successful in being secretive, from Whitewater and the Rose law firm records to now.

Second, he points out that the Clintons are political gamblers, addicted to taking risks and actively seeking out drama. Without drama, Sullivan postulates, the Clintons can't be at the center of the story- and they can't live without being the center of everything.

Go, read, and comment.

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A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

Obama is finally asking Clinton some questions–here’s a few more he should ask:

Your husband made controversial pardons at the end of his term. Did you have anything to do with those pardons–especially Marc Rich and the Hasidim in upstate New York? If so, will you release any documents, etc. on them? If not, do you denounce and reject those pardons?

You and your husband have refused to release the donor list from his Presidential library, leading many to think that payoffs for political favors, including the pardons, were funneled through the Library. Will you release those records, and will you pledge that, if elected, your Library’s books will be open and transparent? and

Will you finally release your White House papers that the Clinton Library has refused to release?

Fair questions, I think– all of which relate to her supposed governmental experience and honesty