Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today's breaking news:

The Clinton camp denies any intent to seduce pledged delegates away from Obama, but suggests that Obama's doing it himself. Obama's camp denies the countercharge.

Clinton gets the passive endorsement of one Texas superdelegate. Obama gets three, two New Jersey and one Wisconsin. One of the New Jersey superdelegates joining Obama is a Clinton defector.

Bill Clinton visited Beaumont today; that's about half the driving time from my house Houston is. In his Beaumont speech (held outdoors), he said, point blank, that his wife cannot win the nomination without a clear victory in both Texas and Ohio.

And just now, MSNBC has broken into regular coverage to report on a New York Times story; aides to McCain's 2000 Presidential campaign report that they actively intervened to keep a certain female lobbyist away from him because they suspected that McCain had entered a romantic relationship with that lobbyist. McCain and the lobbyist both deny it... but the very accusation will be intensely damaging for any candidate seeking the Republican nomination.

(And right now, there are people in the Huckabee camp on their knees, hands put together, saying, "Thank you, THANK YOU JESUS!")

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