Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Crooked, Clunking Clinton Campaign Continues...

Remember how I said yesterday that Clinton might try to seduce Obama pledged delegates away from him, in contradiction of the popular vote in Obama-won states?

It appears I'm behind the curve. She's already doing it.

The Politico has the story.

The Huffington Post has commentary from Paul Abrams: "Hillary to voters: DROP DEAD!"

This, just after Hillary failed to field a full slate of delegates in Pennsylvania, despite Clinton supporter Governor Rendell holding open the filing deadline an extra couple of days. This doesn't mean she won't get those delegates she missed if she wins those districts, but it does show just how poorly organized the Clinton campaign is.

I have a lot more I could talk about, but no real time; need to clean up and go to make my errands today... including the Obama rally in Houston, which I'll likely see from the outside only.

EDIT 2-20-2008: Daily Kos has a poster who claims personal knowledge that Clinton is trying to seduce away Obama delegates to the state convention in Nevada. This despite the Clinton camp denying any such efforts. More to come, if and when I can verify this, so treat it as hearsay for now.

EDIT #2: Also, I was wrong about the delegates not mattering. This explanation of the Pennsylvania system makes it clear that the vote for the candidate counts for nothing: the delegates to the national convention are directly elected separately from the presidential race. In the Democrat race, the candidate preference of each delegate is listed on the roster. That means that Clinton is going into Pennsylvania in April effectively yielding 10% of that state's delegates to Obama without a fight.

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very interesting. Will look forward to reading comments after March 4th.