Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ron Paul and MLK...

... Just go and read this.

I have nothing more to add, except that this is the first I've been able to see of even clips from those newsletters scanned and hosted by the New Republic. What I see doesn't do much credit to Ron Paul, especially to his claims that he didn't write these statements... which were clearly written to appear as if he were the one saying them.

Yes, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a flaming socialist. So was Helen Keller. So are a lot of other people. I believe socialism, in general, is a wrong and destructive political philosophy.

But King, Keller, and other socialists were fighting unjust systems more offensive to me than socialism- racism, misogyny, the class system, and legislated injustice. Keller carried on her fight despite the incredible handicaps which make her famous still today. King carried on his fight despite death threats, attacks, misuse of the legal system to harass him, stopping only when an assassin's bullet put an end to his struggle.

For Ron Paul to claim that King would support his campaign today- especially after allowing newsletters to be published in his name, words inserted in his mouth, slandering the name of a dead man and appealing to bigotry for support- this isn't the height of hypocrisy, but it's one enormous mountain of chutzpah.

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