Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Huckabee: "Prevent Fifty Versions of Right and Wrong"

Huckabee explains his support for constitutional bans on abortion and homosexual marriage.

The heart of the article:

After listing several huge problems in America, the former preacher said the purpose of Christians on this earth, as taught by Jesus, is to be salt and light. Salt preserves while light overcomes darkness.

“We are taught that we are the salt of the earth. That means that when something is spoiling, we are to be there to keep it from spoiling,” Huckabee explained. “We miss that if we think the purpose of believers is to be really, really well behaved in church.

“Being well behaved in church is a fine thing, but we don’t change the world by being behaved in church,” he pointed out to a receptive audience. “We change the world when we are the salt and that means we sometimes will irritate and sometimes agitate, but we will preserve.”

Anyone still have any doubts that Mike Huckabee is a dominionist?

Of course, that's not what I intend to think of him as. You see, there's already a name for the political philosophy that includes total control of moral decisions by a single central government, subservience of the individual to the will of the State (or, in this case, the Religion), and at the same time promises increased government safety nets for health, welfare, and housing... while, at the same time, promising military protection against an evil foreign power and even more evil domestic malcontents.

I'm sure you can think of the name.

Give up?


(And Jonah Goldberg's book is wrong from cover to cover on the subject, BTW.)

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