Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Duncanville, TX Ban Sex Clubs

And a resident sues to have the ban removed.

Now, on the one hand, a total ban on sex clubs is a blatant violation of the right of privacy- to say nothing of the right to have fun. The ordinance is a very bad one and should be repealed or overturned.

But this ban wasn't banned just because the Duncanville (Dallas suburb) city council is made up of prigs. It was passed specifically because of the guy who's suing, Jim Trulock... who turns his home, his residential home in a residential neighborhood, into a weekend private sex club with as many as a hundred members in attendance each weekend.

I believe your right to enjoy your property without restraint has been surpassed about the time your neighbors can't sleep for the sounds of wild sex coming from your basement, can't park or leave the driveway because your customers have blocked the street, and have their property damaged by those same people in their carelessness or even drunken/drugged incapacity.

And if you've got that many customers every weekend... dude... lease a building, or something. You should be able to afford it.

This has apparently been going on for a while- long enough for PRAVDA to carry a story on the fight. I'll be watching with interest... but, alas, no real hope for the ban being lifted. Phoenix, AZ passed a similar ban which has been upheld by federal appeals courts...


Anonymous said...

There goes the government overstepping their constitutional bounds again. The only argument here is that your liberty ends where mine starts. Apparently this neighbor was inconsiderate of his other neighbors wishes. Maybe if he had a bigger house with more room for cars and less noise this might not be an issue.

Celine said...

As I see it, as long as there's no law being broken, there's no way to address the problem. The guy has already demonstrated that he doesn't care about running roughshod over his neighbors' rights; that only leaves the law as a big enough stick to get his attention. How would you suggest approaching the issue instead?

Kris Overstreet said...

Celine: Enforce the parking and noise ordinances. You don't need to punish more polite people to get this asshat to clean up his act.