Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What kind of administration are we dealing with?

DONALD TRUMP - President of the United States

Investigated and prosecuted for refusing to rent or sell housing to non-whites from the 1970s clear up to the 1990s. Repeatedly reported as ordering black employees off the floors of his hotels and casinos when he came to visit so he wouldn't have to look at them. Father was a known member of the Ku Klux Klan.

STEVE BANNON - Chief political advisor to the President

Until recently publisher of Breitbart, and thus oversaw the publication of biased or outright false "news" stories presenting blacks, Jews, gays, feminists, Hispanics, and immigrants in general as violent criminals seeking to destroy white civilization. On record as saying his goal is to destroy the American government as we know it and to replace with the raw exercise of power. Records from his divorce proceedings show a history of anti-Semitic statements and domestic abuse.

STEPHEN MILLER - Senior policy advisor to the President

College classmate and close ally of alt-right neo-Nazi activist Richard Spenser, and co-organizer of white supremacist rallies and events with Spenser at Duke University. Overt white nationalist.

JEFF SESSIONS - U. S. Senator, nominee to become Attorney General of the United States, senior legal advisor to the President

Was rejected for a place on the federal judicial bench in the 1980s after statements of support for white supremacy and overt hostility to blacks were revealed in Congressional testimony. Fought (mostly successfully) to oppose desegregation and equal funding for public schools in his home state of Alabama. As state attorney general, only supported civil rights cases brought by white plaintiffs. A leading voice against racial, gender, and sexual equality throughout his political career. Advised other countries on efforts to enact white nationalism into law.

BETSY DeVOS - AmWay heiress, school privatization and desecularization advocate, nominee to become US Secretary of Education 

Young earth Creationist and fundamentalist Christian. Sister of Erik Prince, who founded Blackwater, a private mercenary force sent to Iraq by the Bush administration's Department of State ostensibly as bodyguards. Blackwater made no secret of their desire to be "crusaders" and to kill Muslims regardless of other considerations, leading to a scandal after secret reports of Blackwater massacring unarmed civilians became public knowledge. Blackwater relabeled itself as Xe after losing its federal contracts and shifted its focus to providing security for certain dictators.

There's probably- almost certainly- more names that could be listed here that I don't know about.

But this ought to be enough to make it crystal clear that the Trump administration is centered around the belief of white nationalism and white supremacy, and that persecution of non-whites, non-straights, non-males, and non-Christians will be official government policy throughout his term of office.

And if the Republican Party does not openly and strongly resist this policy, then it must also be regarded as a white supremacist organization- and treated accordingly.

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