Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why Today I Despair for the American Political System...

On the Republican side: Republicans signal that not even total capitulation will stop them from portraying financial reform as "permanent bailouts."

On the Democratic side, Obama is still willing to cave in and "compromise" with the Republicans, despite the Republicans saying point blank that they will not compromise. (Also, Obama's Treasury department used its voting power in Citigroup to block disclosure and transparency in derivatives at that company- proving that its calls for "more transparency" are outright lies.)

Back on the Republican side, we get proof that Republicans will destroy anyone who dares to even suggest compromise or working with the Democrats.

Back on the Democratic side, the president we elected to stop criminal conduct in office protects the lawbreakers while punishing those who blew the whistle on them.

There is no hope, no change, in either party.

I'm considering moving to England and joining the Liberal Democrats. At least every issue listed in this article, I agree with and support...

... and more to the point, there's at least a third option that has a chance, however small, to win when the big two parties both become too odious to stand.

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