Friday, April 30, 2010

The evidence of Republican evil accumulates...

If you doubted Republicans were racists, note Arizona voting to ban classes teaching about non-white ethnic histories and to fire teachers who speak with a non-Anglo accent, and a Texas GOP US Rep comparing illegal aliens to grasshoppers- locusts, that is- instead of human beings.

If you doubted Republicans cared more about ideology than people, note a new Oklahoma law, passed over the governor's veto, requiring women who seek an abortion to get a vaginal probe ultrasound scan- including those who have just been raped.

If you doubted Republicans are more interested in partisan rule and total control of government than actually making government work well, read Ezra Klein's uncommonly observant article about how one of Utah's Senators is being run out of office for daring to negotiate with a Democrat on an alternative health care proposal.

The Republicans: the Party of Evil. Never believe otherwise.

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