Friday, January 29, 2010

The Party of Fiscal Responsibility... NOT

Last night the United States Senate voted on a measure to restore PayGo- the principle that no new spending may be created in the budget without a means of paying for it.

The Republican Party, the party that is shouting its head off about runaway Democratic spending programs, the party currently blaming the entire budget deficit and national debt on Democrats and especially Barack Obama...

... voted against it. Without exception.

Since the new Republican Senator from Massachusetts hasn't had the election certified yet, the appointed Democratic Senator voted, making the final vote 60-40 directly on party lines. Not a single Republican voted to mandate paying for what the government spends.

Now, I have no faith the Democrats will actually follow PayGo, but this vote in particular ought, in any fair universe, to haunt the hypocritical Republicans straight through to the election.

Watch the media utterly ignore it.

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