Sunday, May 25, 2008

And the LP VP is...

... Root, just barely beating out Steve Kubby on the second ballot.

Not unexpected at all, but possibly unfortunate; Kubby was a respectable representative for the anarchist/purist faction of the LP and would have represented an olive branch of sorts.

Claims of a GOP takeover of the LP are already beginning to crop up in comment threads, and full-on conspiracy theories will soon flood the LP online forums...

... but to be perfectly honest, Root is in the VP slot where nobody much will pay attention to him, and Barr now has to put up or shut up.

(And hey- if the Barr vote means some Southern states go to Obama in November, I'm all for it.)

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Anonymous said...

Wayne Root is a good man with a conviction to reduce federal government spending before our $ becomes worthless and we can buy no oil at all.

The Barr/Root ticket will bring in more votes than any previous Libertarian ticket.