Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama: I Guess I Didn't Really Know Wright

Today, at long last, Obama dumped Wright and clearly, unambiguously repudiated, denied and denounced Wright's message of black racism and paranoia.

Doubtless Obama is deeply hurt having to do this- he's bent over backwards and deliberately injured his own election prospects in an attempt to preserve his relationship with the pastor who brought him to Christ. I've written about this experience myself, when I talked about Obama's first race speech.

In the past few days, though, Wright has not merely thrown all this in his face; he's pretty much said that Obama has been lying to the American people, that Obama believes as he (Wright) does, that white America is still in a massive conspiracy to persecute and exploit the African race. Obama was left with no other choice if he wanted to preserve his campaign from a last-minute Clinton comeback, and today he said what really needed to be said a long, long time ago.

My current favorite blogger, Andrew Sullivan, said:

No one will ever be able to say that Obama threw his father-figure and pastor under the bus. We all know that the reverse happened.

Wrong. In less than half an hour after I read that, I heard or read no fewer than six different sources- mostly NBC-related, the most liberal of the liberal- state that Obama had, indeed, thrown Wright under the bus.

And most of them, including this Newsweek reporter, end it the same way I do:


(By the way, I'm having trouble getting Sullivan's trackback URLs to work. This last bit is in the way of an experiment; please ignore.)


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