Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Early votes in my county (Polk, TX) show Clinton leading two to one. No word about my home precinct.

Ran the precinct caucus. Vote was 5 for Clinton, 3 for Obama (with one provisional voter for Clinton). Unfortunately, my precinct only got two, count 'em, two delegates to the county convention. By Texas Democratic rules, a candidate who gets less than the number of caucus-goers required for one whole delegate (no rounding allowed) is not viable.

Thus, my precinct posted both delegates for Hillary.

I'm sorry, all. I should have done more.

(I didn't even give out all that many flyers, what with chipping a tooth while eating Chex mix between cars.)

And exit polls in both Texas and Ohio indicate that people who decided on their candidate in the past week favored Hillary Clinton... which means that mudslinging and desperation worked for her, and that Barack's NAFTA attacks did NOT.

It looks like a depressing day and a depressing night for me, and for Obama supporters everywhere. Not because Clinton makes up any ground- I suspect today will be a delegate wash, or close enough. I still think Obama will win the nomination provided it does not go down to the convention. (If it goes to the convention, Clinton wins.)

It's depressing because the race continues, Clinton continues to trash Obama, and Obama, once he's nominated, is that much more crippled in a race against McCain.

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