Thursday, January 17, 2008

Texas Landowners Fighting Border Fence

Hooray for McAllen...

... and, though CNN doesn't mention it, Eagle Pass, too.

I find it ironic... no, wait, I find it the exact opposite of ironic that one of the people who will lose all their land and their homes to the border fence is Eloisa Tamez, whose family has lost all but a token bit of the massive land grant the king of Spain granted them before the United States even existed.

To most of the rabid anti-immigration people, Eloisa Tamez- whose family have been American citizens so long that some of them were once Confederate citizens- is no different from the illegal migrants they decry. They speak funny, they look funny, they're not like us- so let's get rid of them.

And Michael Chertoff's response to the people who actually live on the border? Shorn of its legalese: Fuck you.

The same Republicans who decried Kelo v. New London as bad law are cheering Chertoff's stand to drive eminent domain seizure of the border land for the fence no matter what. They don't care that people's homes are being lost- it's for the greater good...

... and besides, some of Ron Paul's friends would add, they're not really people anyway.

Me? I'm on the side of the landholders, on the side of the mayor of McAllen, and on the side of building a fence just long enough to pen Chertoff and his lord and master inside for the rest of their natural lives... after a fair trial for the crimes of the Bush administration, of course.


Celine said...

Re Chertoff & Co: In the open, with the heat and the bugs? I'd go for that. Give 'em a shack for shelter and a water trough, though; no point in being inhumane about it.

Kris Overstreet said...

Well, the way you describe it, I can only say: we need to make sure Joe Arpaio's on the inside, too.