Saturday, January 26, 2008

SC Aftermath...

I want to write this down so it isn't forgotten.

Back in the New Hampshire primaries, when the time came on the Republican side for concession speeches, Mike Huckabee was in mid-speech when Mitt Romney came on, begin his speech, and essentially pushed Huckabee off the news broadcasts. There was a large hoo-ha about how this was a violation of etiquette, that major candidates should give their speeches in strict order from worst to first, with no two candidates overlapping. There was a chorus of tsk-ing from the talking heads, and in the next couple contests Republican candidates were careful to follow that etiquette to the letter.

Tonight, Hillary Clinton was scheduled to speak in Nashville, TN at about 7:30 PM Texas time. Shortly after the polls closed in South Carolina, the Obama campaign announced its victory speech would begin promptly at 8 PM Texas time.

Well... as I type this, Bill Clinton, not Hillary, is speaking to the crowd in Nashville- and mostly talking about himself, not about his spouse the actual candidate. The Clinton campaign has announced that Hillary will speak at 8:30 Texas time.

After Obama.

As if she didn't just get beat 54% to 27% (with two-thirds of the vote in).

As if she were the one who actually won.

(And while she's getting set up to have the last word on the night, Bill continues to hold forth as if he's campaigning for his third term... and I strongly suspect that really is how he thinks of his wife's campaign.)

This is really a minor thing, but it is revealing to me at just how arrogant and unconcerned with rules the Clintons are... very much like Dubya, at least to me.

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