Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Senate Endorses Torture. Again.

It also endorses the imperial Presidency... again.

The vote just came down- 53 for, 40 against, to approve of Michael Mukasey as the new Attorney General.

That means three Democrats- Schumer of New York, Feinstein of California, and one other I don't know yet- joined all the Republicans and Joe Lieberman in approving of Mukasey, who refuses to call waterboarding torture, who believes that Congress cannot force the President to obey any law it passes...

...and who advocates secret courts for accused terrorists or others designated by the President, courts where the accused would be denied defense lawyers except for those picked by the prosecution as "having security clearance," courts where the accused would not have access to any evidence to be used against him or her.

The Democrats fail to oppose evil... again.

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