Thursday, August 2, 2007

A New Horse in the Race? Thank God!

According to Steve Gordon, Ed Thompson is considering running for the LP nomination for President.

For those who don't know, Ed Thompson is Tommy Thompson's brother. Ed has served as mayor and city councilman of Tomah, Wisconsin for years. In the most recent election, he declined to run... and the people of his town wrote his name in and re-elected him, with only three opposing votes. In 2004 he ran for governor of Wisconsin, earning 11% of the vote against a Democrat, a Republican, a Green, and four other candidates. He even won two counties- something a top-of-ballot LP candidate has almost NEVER done.

Moreover, he's very much a moderate on LP doctrine. His platform is for smaller government, but not zero government.

If Ed Thompson commits, I will endorse and support him to the best of my ability. Unlike all the other candidates, Ed has proven that he can get elected in nonpartisan races and perform respectably in partisan races. Unlike many (including, I admit, myself) Ed hasn't made enemies of large factions of the Libertarian Party. He's charismatic, photogenic, respectable- everything the public representative of our party needs to be.

Unfortunately, Ed won't announce so long as his brother and Ron Paul are still in the Republican race. Let's hope his brother drops out soon...

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