Friday, July 20, 2007


For months now the Ron Paul campaign has been trying to dodge association with "9/11 Truth" conspiracy theorists.

Then, just last week, he said publicly that he suspected George W. Bush and his government of planning a fake terrorist attack as a pretext to raise support for the administration.

He said this, what's more, on a RADIO PROGRAM.

Granted, he was responding to a similar claim made by Cindy Sheehan. Granted, he didn't say- so far as I can tell- that Bush was behind the September 11th attacks. Granted, the US did indeed stage an attack in the Tonkin Gulf, allowing Lyndon B. Johnson to vastly expand the war in Vietnam. I will even grant that, thanks to the criminal actions of George W. Bush and the at least suspicious actions of his predecessor Bill Clinton, the accusation is all too believable.

But when you're trying to dodge claims that you're a conspiracy theory nut, backed by other conspiracy theory nuts, the one thing you DO NOT DO is make accusations of conspiracy!

Not only does this embarrass the Ron Paul campaign, but since about 70% of Libertarians favor Ron Paul as a Republican over any Libertarian candidate for President, it stands a very good chance of embarassing the rest of us, too.

For undoing what little good his campaign had accomplished and making ALL of us look like conspiracy theory nuts... Ron Paul, this week's Corn Flake!

Also: dishonorable mention to LP Presidential candidate Steve Kubby, who has announced his intention to withdraw his candidacy and recommend the LP nominate no Presidential candidate should Ron Paul win the Republican nod.

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