Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Unexpected Cull Day

This morning, before driving my grandmother to doctor and shopping, I had decided to do today's post on a certain Virginian Congressman who isn't the least bit ashamed of his Islamophobia.

While out, I listened to Bush's speech today, heard him change positions on the minimum wage- he now supports it, provided tax breaks for "small business" are included- and decided to do it on that instead.

It took hours to find any mention of the minimum wage waffle online after I got home, and by the time I did, Lou "Everything Not American is Evil" Dobbs's stand-in had done a bit on it... poisoning the well, you might say.

I tried anyway, only to be locked out of this blog for over an hour. By the time I regained access, I was too tired to contemplate a long article. That means it's time for a Cull Day and a bunch of short items...

Some Opposed to Expanding Jails

Although I'm by no means a Democrat, I have to hand it to John Whitmire: sometimes a blind pig will find an acorn. Over half the people in our jails across the nation are in there for simple drug possession- not even possession with intent to distribute, just drug possession. About 3% of Americans are behind bars- the world's highest proportion, beyond even Russia and China. Prison should not be a growth industry- and our law enforcement resources would be better spent on burglary, murder, rape, etc.

E. Coli Scare Causes Doubt in Federal Food Controls

Believe it or not, there's a solution to bacterial contamination that also serves to extend the shelf life of food: irradiation. Unfortunately, paranoid "frankenfood" protesters have effectively kept it off the market... despite the fact that it is approved by the FDA. It doesn't leave residual radiation or cause mutations- it just kills bacteria. Unfortunately, the Luddites would rather have us continue using visual inspections... as if you can see a bacterium.

The Consequences of Milk Socialism

Michael Hampton tends to be much more anarchist than I'd like, which is why I prefer to go to primary sources whenever I see anything of interest on Homeland Stupidity. This article is an example of why I read it every day, though. This is a classic case of government working to squash competition. Instead of letting a small supplier provide cheaper milk, the government is forcing him to pay the big companies a huge subsidy. This is bad for everyone involved... except the big dairy corporations, that is.

Saudis to Back Sunni Militias if US Leaves Iraq

... and why was this news? Oh, right, because we only deduced that before. Now we have proof.

The problem is, the Saudis will intervene in Iraq when we leave no matter how long we wait. The Saudi royal government has backed extremist Sunni religious factions since the founding of their kingdom in the wake of World War I. They'll deny any official involvement, but most of the money behind al-Qaida was Saudi, and it's highly probable a lot of Saudi money is already getting funneled to the insurgency. Know the truly sad thing? The Saudis are our allies...

Democrats Promise Greater Oversight on War

... well, anything is greater than nothing, which is what BOTH Democrats AND Republicans have done since September 2002, when Bush first declared his intent. Unfortunately, with Pelosi still saying that impeachment is permanently off the table, I don't see the point of oversight NOW...

White House Warns Against Threats to Space Assets

Now, I personally believe weaponizing space is inevitable- and, considering threats like China's infant space program and asteroid collision, desirable. Unfortunately, the fact that Bush is the one calling for it will probably discredit the idea for the next generation.

Kevorkian Paroled

Kevorkian, in poor health, says he'll never do it again... but he's said it before. In any case, people should be free to commit suicide, and so long as the final act to suicide is done only at the hand of the victim, doctors should be free to assist if their own morals permit it. This isn't euthenasia, not by my definition anyway. Kevorkian may be dying himself, but his issue lives on. (Side note: I have NO idea what label to add to the list for this item...)

3 Indicted in Fraternity Hazing Death

Read that, then read this: Banned Frat Keeps On Partying... and now you will understand my single, three-word comment on this story:


The most recent development in a very rare thing indeed: US soldiers being called to account for crimes such as rape and murder. Did anyone need more proof that winning "hearts and minds" cannot be done by soldiers of an army of occupation?

And that's not even three days' worth of unused stories. I kept a couple to go with several links like them for future posts. There's a LOT I could talk about if I could spare time...

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