Friday, December 22, 2006


As you read this, remember: a Corn Flake doesn't have to be a Libertarian Party member. They only have to make those of us who support greater liberty look like refugees from the fool farm.

New London, CT wanted to take Susanne Kelo's home and give it to a corporate developer. Kelo and some of her neighbors objected. They went all the way to the Supreme Court... and lost. The court's 5-4 ruling, led by the liberal bloc of judges, stated in effect that the government's right to higher tax revenues trumped Susanne Kelo's right to keep her home.

Now, Libertarians believe that eminent domain, if exercised at all, should only be used for obvious public good, only as a last resort, and never, ever, NEVER to enrich private individuals. Libertarians filed friend-of-the-court briefs in Kelo v. New London, protested the takings, and campaigned on the issue in elections. If we aren't closely tied to the eminent domain issue, it's not for lack of trying on our part.

So when Susanne Kelo casts a curse on those who took her home, it makes everyone who opposes eminent domain look bad.

"Hey, lookit there at dat dumb eminent domain protester person. Y'know, they're all inta that voodoo garbage, castin' spells an' all dat. Tetched in th' haid, y'ask me."

I know of at least one Wiccan who reads this blog. I don't know if she believes in casting curses, spells, or anything like that. I don't even know that Kelo is a Wiccan herself. What I do know, though, is that most people don't believe in magic... and believe that people who do believe in magic, curses, etc. are lunatics. (Exception: sports-related curses exist. Two million Chicagoans can't be wrong.) Casting a curse on your enemies destroys all political credibility you have... and puts you right up there with the shotgun-wielding hillbilly who spits a chaw of tobacco before saying that they ain't gonner be no inner-state across'n his corn patch.

For sending out over thirty curses by the power of will and the United States Postal Service: Susanne Kelo, this week's Corn Flake!


omorka said...

I'm reasonably sure she's not Wiccan. Those of us who practice the Craft at all (and certainly not all of us do) would know the Law of Threefold Return - anything you send out is supposed to return to you thrice over. Three times, what, thirty-some-odd hex cards sent out? That's a mountain of shit coming back on the return wave.

That, plus (a) we don't believe in Hell, and (b) the last skill of the Magus is to Be Silent, which she most certainly is not in this case.

(Also, assuming I'm the Wiccan you're referring to, technically I'm a NeoPagan with a largely Wiccaform ritual praxis. But I suppose Wiccan will do for the short form. :-) )

KMacK said...

She might not be any of the Neo- or Old- traditions, but when the Supreme Court sides with the obvious bad guys (and delivers a crackpot finding) what does a person have left?
Crap happens, and obviously, the dragon does sometime win.
Actually, if she's christian, and uses christian beliefs to make the curse, she's just bought herself a really nasty "last judgement"...especially if it works...
The remedy is to remove the people who did this by the means of the Vote; and considering the ill-will the City has bought itself with this taking for increased revenues, that might just happen.
I hope that she didn't send those curses to the wrong sort of people: the Feds have become really unpleasant to people who curse or otherwise threaten public Federal officials.
What First Amendment? Look at the ALien and Sedition acts to see just how committed the Federal Government is to Free Speech!