Friday, May 25, 2007


Justis Richert is better known in the porn trade as "Barbie Cummings." In addition to being a porn actress, she's a blogger- but who isn't these days?

I wasn't planning on writing about Barbie Cummings yesterday. Yesterday I was looking at going to another fairly weak Corn Flake candidate for this article. When I ran across Barbie's story in the online Houston Chronicle, though, I knew this story had to run today- since I've done three different sex-related posts in the past week already.

Here's the moderate Libertarian position on sex: go to it, and good luck. So long as sexual professionals have to keep "clean"- disease-free, that is- and so long as all participants are consenting adults (note: critters can't consent), people should be free to have whatever sex they want, including sex in exchange for cash. This includes pornography, which is a sex substitute in exchange for cash. Libertarians believe that sex and porn does not cause criminal activity- the prohibition of sex and porn causes criminal activity. Moderate Libertarians favor legalization of prostitution, production and sale of pornography, and sale and distribution of sex toys, coupled with basic and non-prohibitive regulations to protect the life and health of all involved.

Needless to say, when a sexual professional enacts the stereotype of a corrupt, amoral degenerate, it gives a black eye to those very few of us who defend their right to do what they do. It undermines our argument that it isn't the sex that encourages the behavior. It makes us look as if we condone and recommend the bad behavior. Worst of all, it gives more ammunition to people who really don't need any more- people determined to encase every person's genitalia in six inches of titanium, given the chance.

So, when Barbie Cummings bribes a cop with a blow job, well, it embarrasses us all.

Here's the story in brief: Barbie got pulled over doing 92 in a 70 zone. (Note: I'm not at home to anyone who wants to claim that no government has a right to institute traffic laws.)

Cop searches car, finds prescription painkillers, which Barbie refers to as "happy pills."

Barbie asks the cop to have mercy: if she's arrested for the painkillers, she won't be able to leave the state of Tennessee. Since she works as a porn starlet, this would put a crimp in her career- put mildly.

The cop takes Barbie to his car, where he reviews the evidence on the cruiser's laptop computer.

Cop chucks the pills out onto the highway, takes Barbie elsewhere, and gets a blowjob.

They record it on the video camera from the police cruiser.

Both brag about it, she on her blog, he at his precinct. He even sends her the footage, which she promptly posts on her blog.

The mainstream media gets word.

The cop gets fired, but not before mailing Barbie the speeding citation.

Barbie moves her blog to an undisclosed location (where only Dick Cheney can find it- it took me half an hour of Googling to track it down) and puts a pay site in the blog's old address. (Oh, and do I even NEED to tell you that a porn star's blog is not work-safe?)

So... for driving like a moron, for using prescription painkillers for recreational highs, for bribing a cop with sexual favors, for telling the entire world about it, for using the incident to boost her career and her employers' bottom line, and for validating the unfortunate and counterproductive stereotype of sexual professionals... Justis "Barbie Cummings" Richert, this week's Corn Flake!

(On the other hand, if Barbie hadn't been a Corn Flake, I never would have learned about Bad Cop News, so there's some redemption there...)

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